Supervisor/Coach. sw写真
Team Policy 「Love」
 Love is tolerant and kind. It does not envy others. It does not do anything out of courtesy, does not seek its own gain, puts up with everything, believes in everything, expects everything and endures everything. Love never ceases. Therefore, love for one's fellow man, love for one's team, creates unity, which is a great strength and leads to victory. We love our friends, we love our team, we love rugby. We wish to be true to this absolute belief.

 As pioneers, our mission is to leave a legacy for the future and to inspire the community and schools. Therefore, we aim to be the pinnacle of high school rugby.

Ryota Ai
Admissions Policy
The four types of athletes we are looking for
》An attitude of proactive engagement based on one's own aspirations
》have high ethical standards as part of their education 》Never give up. Give it your all.
》Enjoy the journey to 'success'.

Ryutsu Keizai University Kashiwa High School
Rugby football club supervisor
Ryota Ai
Rugby football club coach Ryota Ai
Japan Rugby Coaching Awards 2018
The Coaching Award of the Year
The Change Coaching Award of the Year

Head coach Ryuichi Nakamura Head coach
Ryuichi Nakamura
 I am grateful for the opportunity to teach at my alma mater, and I work with a sense of justice and passion. I am looking after the team with a focus on the backs, and I am developing backs with explosiveness and development potential. We are working hard together with our players under the backs' theme of Transform [Transformation], where we change faster than our opponents and continue to be a threat to them. In terms of school and life, we want to nurture children who are aware that they are high school students before they are rugby players, and who can share their own way of being and values with those around them. Let's move forward together with Ryukei University Kashiwa Pride.

 Soya Maruoka
I teach the players the importance of "noticing" in their club activities and personal life. I believe that paying attention to details and thinking will gradually lead to the best in Japan. We look forward to working with you.
Coach Soya Maruoka FW Coach
 Tomohiro Oinuma
FW Coach Tomohiro Oinuma

 Daiki Nishiyama
I teach each player to be independent and to think on a daily basis, both on and off the field. I will do my best to develop human resources who can contribute to society through rugby. We look forward to working with you!
Coach Daiki Nishiyama
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Director, trainer and adviser

 Yoshinao Sato
Director Yoshinao Sato 第71回関東高校ラグビー大会千葉県予選 優勝 第23回関東高校ラグビー新人大会千葉県予選 優勝
Winner of the 71st Kanto Tournament
Chiba Prefectural Qualifying Round
23rd Kanto Newcomer's Tournament
Chiba Prefectural Qualifier Winner

Strength trainer
Izumi Omichi
Rugby is a ball game in which players clash violently with each other. This is why it is also known as a running martial art. Therefore, to become a great player, you need a strong body and the strength and power to overpower your opponents. To achieve this, we want to provide you with the most up-to-date and optimal methods.

Strength trainer Izumi Omichi
Athletic trainer
Yoko Horiguchi
I am mainly responsible for the physical care of athletes. I want to support athletes to recover from injuries as soon as possible and, above all, to be able to take care of their own bodies.

Athletic trainer Yoko Horiguchi

Sports Communication Advisor.
Masashi Harada
原田 アドバイザー

From the managers
We, the managers, work every day to create an environment where the players can practise easily. When the managers are in trouble, the club members help us and we support each other. During the training camps, it can be hard and painful, but we will continue to do our best to achieve the players' goals together, so please support the rugby club.

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